6FT Training Club


One of the most effective ways to build and keep good habits is to join a tribe with a shared belief and culture. Where your desired behavior is the norm. It is time to thrive n' shine. Welcome to the club - we are excited to meet you.








Week 1
​Learn the truth about nutrition and how to create your narrative, implement new habits, boost your metabolism, the difference between “good” and “bad” foods, macronutrients, and how to put it all together (ideally, into a meal).


Week 2

We will dig into snack culture, how to fuel your body for performance, plan for success with meal prep guidelines, get recipe inspiration, and create a wellness roadmap for yourself.


Week 3

Feeling stronger and more confident as each day goes by, week three is about fine-tuning the meals that fuel your pre and post-workout efforts. We dial into weekly meal plans as a tool to set ourselves up for success, learn about the importance of hydration, and showing up for ourselves. 


Week 4

This is where you'll see yourself naturally applying what you have learned and begin to thrive.

Honing in on sleep routines, nutrient timing, supplements, vitamins, and how to stay clear and committed against all odds.



  • Why Strength Training? Incorporating weights/resistance with time under tension is one of the best ways to building lean muscle mass, lower body fat,  strengthen your range of motion, and avoid injury so that you feel good and move better. 

  • Do I have to lift heavy? No you don't, but we want to create some sort of tension 

    and resistance. There are easy ways to do this with items found at-home or with inexpensive resistance bands. 

  • All levels are welcome! The workouts are tailored uniquely to YOU; whether you are a recreational enthusiast or everyday athlete, interested in working out 2x a week or 5x. 

  • Prenatal, postnatal, any-kind-of-mama approved! The program is tailored for wherever you are at in your wellness journey from second-trimester balance changes, to new mom time-constraints. 

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