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Reach, and maintain your ideal well-being by alchemizing workouts and nutrition with goal-setting and coach accountability. 

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Alchemizing daily workouts with self-reflection, goal setting, and virtual coach accountability to make you feel empowered in your daily decisions. 






Here's an example of what you can expect each week, including a four-part nutrition and goal-setting book, and live coach-connects helping you through every week of the program. 

 A customized, tailor-made, really individualized experience that is so much more than streaming a workout class. I considered Thea an essential part of my birthing team. I’ve never felt more powerful and comfortable in my body. 

Corinna, Member of Max Effort Training Club since June 2020

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Fully Loaded

An immersive eight-week program that is customized for you. Designed to help you reach and maintain your ideal well-being with daily coach access. Launches Monthly.  

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Solo Flex

The same eight-week program for the self-motivated type. For those of you who want a plan and framework, but can run full steam ahead on your own without daily coach access, or small group nutrition calls. Join anytime. 




Combining her pulse on wellness, athleticism, a keen sense of cultural context, and brand architecture, Thea Hughes developed Max Effort Training.


Certified in Functional Strength Training, Pre/Postnatal Pilates, and Pn1 Nutrition Coaching, Thea also doubles as a Creative Marketing Director who works to create impactful, shared experiences that help people feel good and move better.

Still have questions? Email me here to set up a 10 minute call. 


The 6ft Training Club provided me with the tools to take my health to the next level. Thea provided challenging and fun workouts, and is an absolute wealth of knowledge on all things nutrition. She also helped me fine tune my (plant based) meals. I'm feeling very confident with all of the knowledge I've gained and new habits I've formed with Thea's coaching.

Jacinda Heintz

How Thea approaches wellness from a holistic standpoint is fantastic. I have tried so many programs (and have been working out seriously for 10+ years) and this is one of the best programs that I’ve a part of. I find it really challenging and have progressed so much. Thea is also really motivating and the price point is incredible for personal training. 

Jessica Tran

It's incredible what the 6FT Training Club has helped me do. Now I have the tools to breakdown goals into actionable micro-steps and feel empowered. From weekly calls and suggestions on form, to motivation across all aspects of wellness, I can't recommend this program enough. 


Georgia Vickerson



During one of the most stressful times in my life, I've gotten into the best shape of my life. I can't recommend this enough. Having the camaraderie of other people going through the program has been really helpful also. 


I signed up during my first trimester and the experience has been nothing short of amazing. I've never felt more powerful or comfortable in my body and  considered Thea an essential part of my birthing team.


I completed 12 weeks of Thea's training program and am absolutely amazed by the results. Can we talk about [these abs!?].

I am very pleased!


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